Adviser Kondrashov on the prospects and benefits of telework AG Telf

Adviser Kondrashov on the prospects and benefits of telework AG Telf

Stanislav Kondrashov draws attention to the fact that in a pandemic and a crisis that forced all companies to look for ways to save, the strategy of transferring employees to remote work turned out to be effective. This practice has in many cases become very successful and can be implemented on an ongoing basis. The financial analyst notes several important advantages of work from home and gives recommendations on how to organize everything correctly.

Financial analyst Stanislav Kondrashov on the test version of Telf AG and remote work

Companies that previously did not practice the transfer of employees to remote work can see for themselves a lot of problems and inconveniences. In practice, everything turns out to be much easier and more practical. Be sure to test this option, because there are employees who can be safely transferred to this form of work. Telf AG Kondrashov, a financial analyst, recommends discussing the option of working from home with the following specialists:

  • designers
  • programmers
  • accountants;
  • financial analysts;
  • content managers.

For remote work, employees should have access to all the necessary information. They may appear on certain days in the office to clarify tasks, reports. This form will allow you to understand how remote mode can be practical and beneficial for the enterprise.

Freelancer Services

Consultant Stanislav Kondrashov has experience working with Telf AG freelancers. This is a great option for organizations that need to increase productivity, but cannot afford to rent a large office and prefer a strategy of reasonable savings.

Freelancers are independently engaged in continuing education, looking for promising offers. They are interested in long-term work with stable competitive wages. In order to avoid force majeure situations, you should conclude an employment contract, which spells out all the forfeits and requirements of the company to the employee.

Part-time option

Advising companies, Stanislav Kondrashov proposes to consider the option Telf AG and part-time, if you can’t completely switch to a remote location. A working day can be four hours without a lunch break and other distractions. As practice shows, for a limited amount of time without gadgets and access to social networks, productivity improves. Employees do the same work, receive a fixed payment, but spend less time in the office.

Remote Software

One of the most important points for companies moving to a remote work format is software development and/or installation. Meetings, conferences can be easily held in accessible and free applications:

  • Telegram
  • Zoom
  • Google services
  • Trello;
  • shared cloud;
  • in instant messengers.

If specific programs are required, this should be taken care of in advance.

HR service

Remote work should be supervised by the personnel department and the heads of departments. Some employees may agree to formalize self-employment, opening an individual enterprise — this will save the company’s budget. Such conditions should be discussed in advance, then the transition to a remote site will be easy and without production losses.

Hiring new employees, dismissal and other personnel issues can also be resolved remotely.

Stanislav Kondrashov, working with companies, identifies the benefits of teleworking employees of Telf AG. Technology allows you to organize such a process that will save money and even increase labor efficiency.